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The Ins and Outs of My Life

Hi! My name is Alex! Growing up wasn’t like what everyone else experienced. I’ve been in foster care 3 different times and at three different times in my childhood. That was in Haverhill, MA. Now I was born there but I never say I am from there. To be from somewhere to me means you have to have memories whether they are good ones growing up or they are bad ones. To me, I am from Loudoun County, Virginia.

Now growing up multiple times in the foster care system has been hard on me. I’ve never quite had a stable place to call home. Everyone wonders what it’s like in the foster care system. Well, it’s the scariest and loneliest place to be in.

I remember the day I was returned, I would say now there’s a lot to the whole start of why I’m back in foster care but you should never give up on anyone especially a kid you choose to adopt and you should never neglect a kid of medical care for a week before they need care. I want to think sometimes I wish I was never put back into foster care but looking at where I am now I would not be where I am today if I was still with my adopted family.

Being with them was like being in a jailhouse. When I was younger and I was still a part of my adopted family I used to long for one person only and that person was from my birth family. My birth mom. Now when I turned 18 she was currently incarcerated so I went to move with my maternal grandmother. Now my birth mom and I started to have a relationship again while she finished her incarceration. In the meantime, I went to live at an independent living program that Foster care offers foster kids who are 17-21 years old and who are either enrolled in school full time or working full time.

My birth mom finally finished her sentence and I was able to finally meet her again. So my grandma “Nuna” rented a cabin in West Va. I remember the day I met her again so well. It like something I’ll never forget however addiction can take over someone in the blink of an eye it seems. All I can say is I had her one minute and she was my mom and someone I had longed so long for and just gone the next. I could recognize who she was who that person I was talking to who that person was across from me saying I wasn’t her child.

Being told I wasn’t her child wasn’t the first time I was told that I had been told that by my adopted mother too. Now when I think to myself of someone who has really been here and stayed here through a lot. Who has shown me that they are there for me when I’m at my lowest who was there for me when I was crying and needed someone to talk to well I have to say two people fall under that category one of them being someone who has recently come back into my life but she is definitely more to me than most. That person is my Nana. She is my everything since we met again in 2019. We’ve had our ups our downs but she’s always stuck up for me been there for a shoulder to cry on when I need it She has always been there when I need to call someone. I’ve had so many people come in and out of my life but at least I have a few people who have stayed and aren’t going anywhere.

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